Blythe baxter

Blythe (voiced by Ashleigh Ball) is an aspiring fashion designer who has recenty moved from her ideal suburban town to Big City.  She loves to sew and create beautiful things. She is slow to anger, quick to forgive, and loves all of the pets. Once she even defened the Biskit Twins who had been so mean to her when she came to the Big City. Blythe is shy and kind and very organized. She loves bake at Sweet Delights with her friend Youngmee Song. Blythe's father is Roger Baxter who is a pilot and can embarass her sometimes. Blythe works at the Littlest Pet Shop walking the animals and making the outfits that saved the place when she first got there. Blythe has brown hair and big blue eyes and she wears something different every day. She is a caring, sweet girl who is friends with Sue Patterson, Jasper Jones, and Youngmee Song. She has a crush on Josh who likes to skate board and read. 

She is friends with Sue Patterson, Jasper Jones, and Youngmee Song and has a crush on Josh.

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