Several songs appear throughout the show's series. Most are composed by Daniel Ingram and Rodger Eschbacher. The lyrics are transcribed by ear, or by the show's captions.

Episode Song Begins
Blythe's Big Adventure Part One The Littlest Pet Shop Pets 10:44
Gailbreak! Dance Like You Know You Can 4:43
Penny for Your Laughs BFF's 13:29
I'm Sorry Song 17:11
Russell Up Some Fun Be Yourself/Just Like You 8:10
Fun Being Fun 14:42
Blythe's Crush Crush 17:05
Dumb Dumbwaiter If You're a Guy 5:01
So You Skink You Can Dance Gotta Get To The Studio 16:06
Lights, Camera, Mongoose! Superstar Life 9:45

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